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iHeartMedia Connecticut radio stations cover the Hartford, New Haven and Springfield markets.


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Our digital assets are greater than any other media company, put them to work growing your business.


Our premium and local events present Connecticut businesses the opportunity to engage with iHeartMedia audiences both on-air and on-site.

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Total Traffic & Weather reaches more consumers than any other traffic provider.


Our highly skilled digital and audio production teams help your brand stand out on line and on air.


Connecticuts top radio personalities provide instant credibility for our limited endorsement advertisers.


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245 million monthly U.S. listeners

iHeartMedia, with its 245 million monthly U.S. listeners, is America’s leading media company with a greater reach than any radio, digital, or television outlet.

Our radio advertising and marketing experts research and understand the Connecticut advertising landscape to provide your business the most cost effective solutions to reach and impact your target audience.

Deliver your message to our huge, diverse audience across multiple platforms, including our Connecticut radio stations, digital assets and live events.

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“Everyone at iHeart media works hard to ensure our clients’ success. From branding campaigns to lead generation, we have been very satisfied. Not only with the results, but also with the extraordinary high level of creativity and service.”

-Lisa House

I like the way the radio has been working. Building the brand recognition I am looking for this year. 

Hartford Fence Company

I can’t express how happy we have been with how iHeartMedia has performed for us over the past year on all of our campaigns. The feedback from the community (both farmers/producers and the public) has been tremendous and really helping us achieve our goals. Looking forward to working with you on this campaign as well!

 Rebecca: Connecticut Department of Agriculture