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 I like the way the radio has been working. Building the brand recognition I am looking for this year. 

Hartford Fence Company

I can’t express how happy we have been with how iHeartMedia has performed for us over the past year on all of our campaigns. The feedback from the community (both farmers/producers and the public) has been tremendous and really helping us achieve our goals. Looking forward to working with you on this campaign as well! J

 Rebecca: Connecticut Department of Agriculture

“It has been a pleasure to work with Cory. She has been the best fit for our brand and her endorsement has been the best marketing campaign we have ever utalized. To top it all of she is a wonderful person. We recommend her highly!” 

Vic:  Paradis Pools

Electric Boat.  Hartford, New Haven and Providence.  Engineers recruitment.  2 week high frequency campaign.  Delivered over 300 applicants!!!!  No other advertising just iHeartMedia. 

Electric Boat

Everyone at iHeart media works hard to ensure our clients’ success. From branding campaigns to lead generation, we have been very satisfied. Not only with the results, but also with the extraordinary high level of creativity and service. 

Center for Advanced Reproductive Services